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Journal which publishes more review articles will get highest IFs.

Appendix If a paper includes an Appendix, it should be placed in front of the references. The ACM Learning Center offers ACM members access to lifelong learning tools and resources. Anyone, from any background, should feel encouraged to participate and contribute to ACM. Exact implementation may differ per institution. Must be original, but non necessarily fully developed. They really should not be considered journals.

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Anyone who wants to use the articles in any way must obtain permission from the publishers. Symmetric and Dual PRFs from Standard Assumptions: A Generic Validation of an HMAC Assumption. If you have any suggestions on how to improve this page I would be glad to hear them. Listing all sorting reversals in quadratic time.

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The contact author is asked to check through the final PDF to make sure that no errors have crept in during the transfer or preparation of the files.

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Please make sure that all your sources are correctly listed in the reference section. Our mission is to serve this community by providing a most valuable publication service. Now it should conform to Springer style guide. Mobile Computing, Applications, and Services.

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Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. Journal of Automated Reasoning. *

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